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Every season has its own beauty at Kızılbük Wellness Resort

We invite you to a wonderful holiday experience in the magnificent nature of Marmaris, where you can freshen up with the spring blooming in the spring, enjoy the sea as a family in the summer, rest your soul with the sound of rain in the fall, healing in the thermal pools in the winter, and make a refreshing holiday experience along all the year.

Kizilbuk Wellness Resort, thermal pools, spa and massage areas; Nutrition, exercise and detox services in Wellnesspark; adventure and water parks for children in the forest, with its bazaar where you can easily meet all your needs; offers you a refreshing and healthy holiday concept full of privileges every day of the year. In İçmeler, one of the most special regions of Marmaris; Kızılbük Wellness Resort, which is close to the airport and popular destinations of the region, offers a holiday full of exploration; brings you together with a new generation holiday concept in the sincerity of your home with the timeshare system.


Sinpaş with 47 years of experience brings for the first time in Turkey a project with the concept of Lifetime Holiday. Timeshare system carries a great investment potential as well as a healthy and comfortable holiday, and a deep regeneration for 365 days a year. It provides you with the opportunity of having a home with the comfort of a hotel for a lifetime with a budget of only few holidays for only a few years.


Enjoy a peaceful day entirely for you with rest areas, mud pool, snack bars and eating and drinking area at Ladies Beach, which is destinated only for women that can be reached both by land and sea. While you are resting, let your children spend time safely with their peers at the kids club next to you.


A total of 546 apartments with sea or courtyard views of different types and areas, such as terrace, garden, duplex, are designed to suit every family, from 4 to 10 people. You will have the opportunity to take a thermal cure on the balcony of each of the apartments designed based on the boat concept.


Kizilbuk Wellness Resort's doors are open every season of the year for everyone who wants to be regenerated with its thermal pools, classical Turkish bath, steam rooms, sauna, salt rooms, hot stone beds, adventure showers, mud therapies, ice fountains and various massage rooms.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a healing thermal experience special to you.



Regenerate your body every year with the beauty, exercise, nutrition and renewal services of Wellnesspark, where you can perform relaxing rituals perfectly.

Reward yourself with a wellness experience beyond your dreams with Kızılbük Wellness Resort's nutritional counseling, physical therapy and medical beauty practices.



You will rest with pleasure at Kızılbük Wellness Resort where you can swim in 4 different bays and do water sports, satisfy every need in the market, and experience adventurous moments with your children in the forest.


Information about Commercial Communication Permit

As per the Law no. 6563 on Electronic Commerce Regulation and the Law no. 6698 on Personal Data Protection, this permit means that you allow your personal data to be stored, used and transferred to contracted service providers so as to ensure that we may be able to inform you about various products and services, offer and provide various advantages regarding these products and services, and contact via short message service (SMS), multimedia message (MMS), electronic mail, mail, telephone, call centre, automatic call, Whatsapp and similar other methods in order to convey special promotions, advertisements, sales, marketing, questionnaires and similar other electronic communication. This information will only be shared with contracted third parties who ensure the same data security sensitivity with us and comply with legal regulations and in order to offer flawless services, deliver your packages and send timely notifications through telephone, SMS and/or e-mail.

Mersis No: 0-7710-3054-3200013
Tel No:2123102700
Address: Dikilitas mah. Yenidogan sok. No:36
34349 Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

You can text KIZILBUK and send it to 3172 as a free-of-charge SMS, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 4441974

“We wish to have you as a member of the Big Sinpas Family addressing value to your life, offer new projects and convey the opportunities and campaigns tailored for you. Therefore, we undertake to use your personal data only for marketing and communication purpose of Sinpas Holding and the group companies and to protect as per the Law no. 6698 on Personal Data Protection. As long as we continue our commercial activities as Sinpas Holding, we may store your personal data under such law at secure data centres in Turkey or abroad and share personal data with business partners who signed or will sign confidentiality agreement with the company. If you decide to change your data sharing preferences, you can contact a data expert and cancel your membership by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or dialling 4441974.


This Clarification Text has been issued as regards to the processing and transfer of the “Personal Data” of natural persons who are covered by the Law no. 6698 on Personal Data Protection (“PDP Law”). As per the Law no. 6698, any and all updated information which you share with the company will be called “Personal Data”.

The security of your personal data is of great importance for us. Therefore, your personal data will be stored according to legal conditions with the highest possible level of security, in compliance with the prescriptions of the regulations and as long as necessary due to legal liabilities.

a) Data Controller and Representative
As per the Law no. 6698 on Personal Data Protection (“the PDP Law”), your personal data may be processed by Sinpas Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi A.S. (Shortly “Sinpas GYO”) as the “Data Controller” according to the following conditions.

b) The Purpose of Personal Data Processing
Your personal data may be processed according to the personal data processing conditions specified under articles 5 and 6 of the Law no. 6698 in order to ensure the performance of liabilities by the company or real and legal contracted partners, make notifications as regards to updates, sign and perform the contracts with you and remind the liabilities thereunder, engage in various advertisement and marketing activities, monitor and carry out financial, accounting and legal procedures, monitor requests and complaints, monitor contractual processes and/or legal requests, plan customer satisfaction activities and receive feedback with surveys and votes, determine the products, projects and services tailored for you, customize and develop these according to your preferences, offer an efficient customer service, provide information as regards to relevant amendments in regulations and in-house policies and convey other relevant amendments, celebrate your birthday, include you in draws or contests, give presents, carry out other activities, promotions and campaigns to your benefit, keep you updated via electronic mail, SMS or fax, inform you about campaigns, send printed bulletins, periodicals and campaigns, determine visitor profiles, evaluate request and complaints, perform the human resources policies of the company and reply to your requests and questions.

c) Personal Data Transferees and the Purpose of Transfer
Your personal data are processed according to legal and good faith rules, for updated, definite, explicit and legitimate purposes and as long as processing is relevant, limited, legally permitted and necessary. Furthermore, your personal data may be shared with direct and/or indirect subsidiaries and affiliates in Turkey and/or abroad; national and/or international public and/or private persons, companies and/or third parties who provide service, support and/or consultancy to the company and/or are collaborated and/or partnered by the company as regards to projects, programs and/or finance; the company’s affiliates, advisors, shareholders, solution partners and/or other group companies; Central Registry Agency of Turkey and other authorized bodies; and suppliers and subcontractors according to articles 8 and 9 of the Law no. 6698 provided that the company takes necessary measures for personal data security and that personal data transfer is limited to the conditions specified under paragraph (b). SINPAS GYO may store and process your personal data using servers and other electronic media abroad provided that sufficient level of data security is ensured by SINPAS GYO in Turkey and transferee countries or that, if the transferee country cannot provide sufficient level of security, SINPAS GYO and the data controllers in a relevant foreign country undertake to provide the sufficient level of data security in written and that the Board grants a permit thereto.

d)The Methods and Legal Grounds for Personal Data Collection
Your personal data may be collected by the company in written or audio or video recording or other physical or electronic methods using various channels (such as SINPAS GYO head office, branches, agencies, sales offices, call centres, websites, mobile applications, other electronic platforms, social media and other public platforms, trainings, conferences and similar other events, questionnaires, other group companies or their contracted business partners or other offices and physical spaces where you can contact sub-contractors and business partners). Your personal data can be collected, processed, transferred and stored according to the paragraphs (b) and (c) and in conformance with the personal data processing purposes and conditions specified under articles 5 and 6 of the PDP Law.

Your personal data are stored as long as necessary due to legal liabilities or for a certain period of time prescribed by the relevant regulation.

e) The Rights of Personal Data Owners
As personal data owners, you can submit your requests concerning your rights to the company by one of the following methods. In this case, the company will reply to your request free-of-charge and as soon as possible or within thirty days at the latest. However, the company may apply a charge according to a predefined tariff if the Personal Data Protection Board deems it necessary. In this sense, personal data owners may apply to;

As per paragraph 1, article 13 of the PDP Law, you can submit your application in written so as to execute the foregoing rights. In case you wish to execute your rights specified under article 11 of the PDP Law, you can fill in the form at www.sinpasgyo.com.tr or deliver by hand or through a notary office an originally signed copy of it together with your ID information to “Dikilitas Mah. Yenidogan Sok. Sinpas Plaza No:36 Dikilitas-Besiktas/Istanbul, Turkey”.

The company reserves the right to amend this clarification text due to the possible amendments to the PDP Law and the procedures to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.